Wall to Wall Carpet

Expert professional carpet and rug cleaning services in Clinton, NY. Rug repair and wall-to-wall carpet installation, green products, affordable prices.

Wall-to-Wall Carpet Installation For A Customized Look

At Wool Rug Cleaning Manhattan, we’ve been in the rug and carpet business for over 20 years, serving residential and commercial clients across the Clinton and Chelsea neighborhoods, as well as across NYC. We know why carpet is such a popular choice with our clients - it’s soft, luxurious and provides plenty of warmth.

Wall to wall carpeting offers so many advantages for a home or an office. It is soft and comfortable, and lovely to walk on bare feet. It keeps heat in on long, cold winter days and nights. It comes in so many styles and materials that you are spoilt for choice. And it’s also safe - especially for your toddler or elderly relative - because it cushions a fall. Unlike tiling or wood, you are less likely to break a limb when you have wall to wall carpet installed. It also absorbs noise, which is a real plus in a city as hectic as Manhattan! After all, who doesn't want a bit of peace and quiet when they step off the New York City streets?

Efficient Wall to Wall Carpet Installation Service

At Wool Rug Cleaning Manhattan, we offer a comprehensive wall-to-wall carpet installation service throughout Chelsea and Clinton. Wall-to-wall (‘fitted’) carpet is usually laid in one complete piece and we will do this job efficiently and quickly. Our services include: door removal, furniture removal, installing tackless steams, laying down the carpet then stapling the seams and finally trimming the ends.

Green Eco-Friendly Solutions To Keep You Safe

We know, unfortunately, what unpleasant things are buried deep in the fibers of your carpet. And not just the obvious - dirt and grime - but also dust mites and allergens. That’s why we offer a deep cleaning carpet service too, to keep your carpet in optimum condition. We use powerful machinery and blast jets of hot water on the fibers, to get rid of stains, grime, pet urine and odors. Naturally, we are committed to using only green, eco-friendly solutions because we think the health of you and your family and employees is a top priority.

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