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We have two decades of experience in wool rug cleaning and repair in Chelsea and Clinton, NY. Excellent service, affordable prices. 100% guarantee.

Durable and Long-Lasting Wool Rugs Need Great Care

Whether your wool rug is small or large, valuable or of sentimental value, it’s a great addition to your home or office. Its softness and durability is probably the reason you love it so much, which is why it is incredibly important to make sure it undergoes regular cleaning and repair, to keep it in tip top shape.

Here at Wool Rug Cleaning Manhattan, we have over two decades of experience cleaning, repairing and restoring rugs and our highly-qualified staff know exactly what steps to take to make sure your piece is returned to you looking as good as the day you first saw it. We don’t care if you are a family, a medium sized business or a large corporation - we think you are entitled to the best possible service when it comes to your area rug or carpet. That’s why we customize all of our services to your individual needs.

You Are Entitled To The Best Service

We clean, repair and restore wool rugs but we also work with many other kinds - Afghan, Chinese, Oriental and Native American to name a few. We understand how different they all are - whether made of synthetic fibers or natural materials like cotton, wool and silk. From our years of work we know how important it is to do the job right and give you the best possible service.

Each rug we clean goes through the following processes: inspection, powerful vacuuming, a stain and spot pre-treatment, deep cleaning (either dry cleaning or deep immersion) and then a final touch up. We use only eco-friendly products and clean pieces gently, to ensure they keep their natural sheen and color. Grime, dirt, pet odors and stains will be long gone by the time your rug is returned to you.

Your Time Is Precious

And because we know your time is precious, we also offer a free pick-up and return delivery service (even on the same day, if you call before 12 noon). So whilst you spend your free time with your family, or enjoying yourself, you can have peace of mind that we’re taking care of your rug, and that you’ll have it back in no time at all.

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Wool Rug Cleaning Manhattan

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